About Journals

The idea of bringing out the Proceedings of the annual conferences or a journal was engaging the attention of APSMS and it was crystallized during the tenure of the executive 2006-08.The first Journal issue of “Journal of APSMS “released on 1st January 2008, The Journal has as its prime objective the Promotion of original research in the cortical and applied areas of research , covering a wide spectrum of subject : Mathematics ,Applied Mathematics ,Statistics and Computer Science etc. To Start with we plan to bring out two issues per annum, in January and July every year. This is a refereed Journal. We recall the dictum of Prof.G.H.Hardy followed by him meticulously when he was the editor of the journal of the London Mathematical Society. Reference should ask for themselves while recommending the research papers for publication, the following questions.

  1. Is it new?
  2. Is it true?
  3. Is it interesting?
  4. Is it decently written?

The APSMS expresses its grateful thanks to the Members of the Editorial Board who consented to extend cooperation to the Society to enable it to bring out regularly a good research Journal. This is an occasion for all the Members of the APSMS family to feel delighted. With the encouragement from the Members of APSMS, academics and research and lovers of Mathematics the Journal is sure to make great strides in its endeavors.

Editorial Committee:

Dr.P.V.Arunachalam , Professor,
Ex. Vice – Chancellor,
Dravidian University,
526,Balaji Nagar,Tirupathi-517 502.
Email: arunadu@yahoo.co.in

Editorial Board:

Dr.N.Ch.Pattabhirmacharyulu, Professor
H.No.1-1-658, Near NIT, Warangal – 506 004.
Email: pattabhi1933@yahoo.com

Dr.S.N.N.Pandit, Professor,
Director, Centre for Quantitative Method,
Osmania University, Hyderabad -500 007.
Email: snnpandit@rediffimail.com

Dr.V.P.Saxena, Professor
Ex.Vice-Chancellor,Dept.of Mathematics,
Jiwaji University, Gwalior – 474 011.
Email: saxena@yahoo.com

Plot #746, Vivekanada Nagar Colony,
Kukatpally,Hyderabad – 500 072.
Email: satteliriiyengar@yahoo.com

Dr.I.H.Nagaraja Rao , Professor
Dept. of Mathematics,
Gayathri Vidya Parishad,Gayathri College (PG Courses).
Rishikonda, Visakhapatnam – 530 045.
Email: i_hnrao@rediffimail.com

Dr U.M.Swamy, Professor,
39-4-41, Lakshmi Vilas,Muralinagar,
Email: umswamy@yahoo.com

Dr.V.Siva Rama Prasad,Professor,
Dept. of Mathematics,
Osmania University,
Hyderabad – 500 007.
Email: vangalasrp@yahoo.co.in

Dept. of Humanities & Mathematics,
NIT, Warangal – 506 004.
Email: iyengar_nitw@yahoo.co.in

Dr.D.Rama Murthy, Proffesor,
Dept. of Mathematics,
Osmania University,
Hyderabad -500 007.
Email: drmurthy2k1@yahoo.co.in

Dr.K.V.Chalapathi Rao , Professor,
Dean, Computer Science & Informatics
CVR College of Engineering,
Ibrahimpatnam,R.R.Dist. – 501 510
Email: chalapathiraov@gmail.com

Dept. of Mathematics,
Chinese University of Hong Kong,
Hong Kong. Email: kpshum@math.cuhk.edu.hk

Executive Editor:

Dr.V.V.Hara Gopal, Professor,
Dept. of Statistics,
Osmanian University,
Hyderabad – 500 007.
Email: haragopal_vajjha@hotmail.com
Email id: journal_apsms@yahoo.com
Mobil: 09849083995.